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The Alcoholism Center for Women

Spring Newsletter

April, 2008



The Alcoholism
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ACW is an incorporated 501 C3 organization with the mission of supporting the recovery from and prevention of alcoholism and other drug-related problems among all women at high risk for
substance abuse.


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ACW holds a Car Wash Saturdays at 1pm (when it's not raining!). Residents wash cars to raise money for special outings or events... and they do a wonderful job on your car!

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We will be painting the interior of the 1147 building shortly.  If you are interested, have any painting skill,  or just a few hours to give...please e-mail Kelly at:

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$60 - One day of Residential Treatment


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From the Desk of Lorette Herman, Executive Director

Lorette Herman, Executive DirectorI wish I was writing you tell you that The Alcoholism Center for Women (ACW) was closed... and that it had closed because girls and women no longer needed our services.  I wish I could tell you that substance abuse didn't exist, that domestic violence, family violence, mental illness, homelessness, HIV/AIDS, TB, and Hepatitis were not often co-existing problems for substance abusing women.  The bad news is that according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 18 million adults (of whom over five million are women) are substance abusers or are otherwise dependent on alcohol or drugs. The study also found the prevalence of mental illness among substance abusing women was about 67% higher than the rate for adult male substance abusers.  In addition, geographic location plays a role in the rates of substance abuse.  In 2006, the West had the highest rate of substance dependence or abuse for persons aged 12 or older.  Methamphetamine rates in our region were significantly higher than the rest of the county, and five times higher than the Northeast region.

The good news is... ACW is open.  We're open and are providing dynamic, effective, time-proven programs that help to prevent, treat, and provide services to a diverse spectrum of women and girls.  Girls? Yes, our prevention programs are finding girls 13, 14 and 15 years old, who are already hooked on methamphetamine - some who have already had several abortions due to pregnancies with different men.  We are in the process of setting up an intervention program specifically for girls like these... one that would give them a place to gain perspective and understanding about their drug/alcohol use, and the chance to begin a process of recovery.   We are also in the process of establishing a partnership with the Department of Mental Health in order to provide shelter assistance for substance abusing homeless women. For more about our programs, please see our newly designed website at:

One of the most daunting challenges ACW faces in our continuing effort to provide services to the community has been the shrinking state, county, and city dollar.  Our City of Los Angeles prevention contract funding was recently reduced by $13,000.  Our California Proposition 36 residential program funding was also reduced by $13,000, and the program itself was cut from 6 months of residential service to only a three-month stay, resulting in residents being forced to leave the program before they have obtained a firm understanding of why they use and the skills necessary to can maintain a sober lifestyle.  

We are writing grants as fast as we can, but truly need your support in order to continue to operate and even expand, so that we can offer program components, such as an aftercare program, that we know will make treatment more successful.

As we approach the April 15th  federal tax filing deadline, as you come that much closer to receiving your potential refund (or if you've already received a refund),  we hope that you will consider donating to ACW.  Even if you are not receiving a tax refund, consider this as the start of your lowering your tax bill for next year by making a donation, we would appreciate any amount that you can give. Your contribution is tax-deductible and essential to assist us continuing to provide high quality alcohol and drug residential, outpatient and prevention services to over 150 diverse women and girls each month.

  • Sixty dollars ($60) provides funding for one day of residential substance abuse treatment.
  • Four hundred and twenty dollars ($420) provides a week of residential substance abuse treatment. 
  • Eighteen hundred dollars ($1,800) provides a month of residential substance abuse treatment, and
  • Just fewer than eleven thousand dollars ($10,950) provides 6 months of residential substance abuse treatment, and a new start for a woman who desperately needs your help.

 Your donation can and will change lives.

 Thank you for your interest and support of ACW.

  - Lorette Herman




Ramona - Why I Needed ACW...
A Client Story

After my struggle with my alcohol and substance abuse which lasted approximately 31 years, I found myself stripped of all self esteem and hope.  I came to ACW on January 23, 2007, court mandated for a one-year Residential Substance Abuse Program.  This program was the 5th program I've been through. 

In 1990, I was given an ultimatum to seek help or my children would be taken away from me.  I managed to stay alcohol and drug free for 5 years because of that ultimatum.  In 1995, I relapsed, and as a result lost my job of 13 years.  In 2001, I was a mess.  I abandoned my home, my children, and was in an abusive relationship.  I had no idea I was on my way to self-destruction.  I became rebellious and so angry at where my addiction drove me.  I blamed everyone else about the lifestyle I had come to live.  By this time, I had been arrested several times and was on probation.  It was suggested to me that I go into a residential program.  I went for 5 months, got kicked out, and then went to an outpatient program for 4 months until I tested positive for drugs and was then kicked out.

I really wasn't doing this for myself which is why I relapsed again.  I was in violation of my probation.  I couldn't stop drinking or using drugs and still didn't see that I had a problem until I came to ACW.  

 Today, I have completed 10 months of ACW's residential program, and since then, I have continued my sobriety through ACW's Out-Participant program.   I've complied with and completed probation,  and on May 28, 2008,  I will have completed the Out-Participant program.  I am 15 months Alcohol and Drug free! 

ACW has given me the opportunity to learn about my addiction.  ACW gave me structure and helped me build a foundation for recovery. Most importantly, ACW gave me self-esteem. 

I've learned that Recovery is discovery of myself.  

I have my children and family back in my life today.  

I love my life today, thanks to ACW.

- Romona



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