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The Alcoholism Center for Women

September, 2008
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ACW is an incorporated 501 C3 organization with the mission of supporting the recovery from and prevention of alcoholism and other drug-related problems among all women at high risk for
substance abuse.
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ACW holds a Car Wash Saturdays at 1pm (when it's not raining!). Residents wash cars to raise money for special outings or events... and they do a wonderful job on your car!

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From the Desk of Lorette Herman, Executive Director

2008 prevention graduates
Graduates from ACW's 2008 Prevention Program

The temperature might have soared this summer, but the heat didn't slow the progress at ACW!  Summer is the season of growth and change at ACW, and this summer included a number of major successes at ACW.  First was the graduation of thirty young women from our Prevention program, and the graduation of twenty seven of our Out-Participant and Residential women. 

Treatment Graduation 08In addition, ACW (with the help of volunteers from Agape) completed the painting of the interior of the Snyder House first floor. 

To cap off our season of change, ACW created and initiated a board auxiliary committee called "Friends of ACW". 
And there's still more:

Keep reading for more details!

ACW Staff: Sharon Burton (r) and
Charlotte Abson-Sturks (l)   

FOA 1 Event
Friends of ACW

Friends of ACW was formed to provide an outlet for those individuals who have an interest and passion for supporting ACW. The Friends is an interesting mix of ACW supporters.  We have current and former board members, community activists and organizers, business people, mental health professionals, and more.  The time commitment is as little as a few hours a month, but participation in this group has the power to positively affect numerous lives.  At our first meeting, Friends brainstormed for ideas for fundraising events and other methods of bringing in much needed funds and resources to the agency. 
VoluntEars As a result of that meeting, Danielle Deblieux, who works for Disney Resorts, nominated ACW for inclusion in the Disney Employee Community Fund, VoluntEARS.  This nomination allowed ACW to submit a  community project grant application.  Our project: Feeding Ourselves, Feeding Others was reviewed by the fund, and ACW was approved for a $5000 grant!  With these funds, we will purchase a long needed commercial freezer, which will save money for the agency in the long run, as we improve our ability to purchase food in bulk.  In addition, we will conduct an outreach event to bring homeless women and their families to ACW for an event, which will include a meal, educational opportunities, and the sharing of resource information.  The residential and out-participant women will plan, and implement the event.  The concept is that once our women have feed themselves -are sober, healthy and happy, they will feed others who are less fortunate and need more help.

VoluntEars Check
E.D. Lorette Herman, Danielle Deblieux, and board member Joann Hofmann

Thank you Danielle!
Friends of ACW also hard at work planning  an ACW Holiday Open event for early December.  If you would like join Friends of ACW, or would like to provide any level of service for ACW or for this event, please contact us at:    

Treatment Graduation 08 On August 27th, ACW hosted its 2008 Treatment Graduation, which this year honored twenty seven women for their hard work and determination in order to better their lives, and the lives of their families. The women were joined in the celebration by their families and friends;their presence further illustrating how the miracle of sobriety has the power begin to heal old wounds, and to bring together lives that have previously been shattered and devastated by the affects of alcoholism, drug use and addiction.  After the graduation, Kelly Wickham, 08 Treatment GraduationTreatment and Operations Manager, beamed with pride, and stated that "the graduates shared their experiences, strength and hope, inspiring everyone in the room and providing the women currently in treatment with the hope that CHANGE is possible, and they too can succeed."  

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2008 Graduating Class!


Also in August, ACW held a meaningful Prevention graduation,prevention graduation celebrating the graduation of 30 young women from our New Choices Program.  During the graduation, in the speeches of the young graduates, a theme was oft repeated: That as a result of this program, they have changed their perspective on life, and now take extra precautions to avoid high risk substance abuse, alcohol, sex and other behaviors.  This graduation marked the 1st year that the Prevention Department celebrated the culmination of our one-year committed New Choices Advisory Leadership Board. 
Lilly Carrillo, Prevention Coordinator    
and prevention graduate           

Word cannot adequately express
how proud we are of our Prevention graduates! 
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Ralphs Now you can donate to ACW, just by doing your weekly shopping! ACW has signed on as a "Qualified Community Organization" with  Ralph's Supermarket, so that every time you shop at Ralphs and use your Ralphs Club Card, you will be contributing to the Alcoholism Center for Women.  All you have to do is:
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Then just shop at Ralphs (either on-line or go into a store) using your Ralphs Club Card.

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In addition to helping ACW if you purchase a Ralphs gift card you will receive free groceries. Specifically, if you purchase a $300 gift card you will receive $30 of free groceries, a $600 gift card will yield $60 of free groceries, a $900 gift card will yield $90 of free groceries and a $1200 gift card will yield $120 of free groceries.  Please contact Ralphs for more information on this program.
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